What is a center of Tibetan studies?

Hi dears,

Some friends ask me what is a center of Tibetan studies? What and how we learn here during a day?! I decided to share briefly about his :)

A Tibetan-Buddhist center focuses to preserve and transmit the tradition in its living and authentic form, in this way the mind is subjected to a positive complete transformation. The study program includes various aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, like Philosophy, Psychology, Meditation, Logic, Ethics, Right Conduct, Right View, and so on. Our daily prayers in the temple have a role in this process.

For a profound and precise understanding of the important treatises on the above mentioned topics a good knowledge of the Tibetan language is indispensable.

A day program is summarized as follows: 8:00 AM we take breakfast and then between 8:30 and 9:15 we go in the temple for morning prayers. After 9:30 until 12:00 we join for class with other students and young monks. During this time we have a Czech teacher, who is also a monk. He is very patient with us.

At 12:00 the bell rings for lunch, we eat than help in the kitchen and is already 13:00 PM. Between 13:00 and 14:30 we have break, but usually there are many other community responsibilities to deal with. Around 14:00, we meet again for class and between 16:00 and 18:00 we go to the temple to witness the philosophical debates held by monks. During this time sometimes we recite sacred texts and practice what we learned in the morning.

Between 18:00 and 18:45 we go for evening prayers, then at 19:00 we go for dinner. After 20:00 the program is free, but the time is often used to study or involved in other practices such as chanting mantras, community responsibilities, go around the Stupa and so on.

This program is held almost daily, with some exceptions, such as Monday and Sunday when we have free day, or when we do puja rituals all day…

All, who are interested in Buddhism and the Tibetan culture are welcome to visit the center, to enjoy the beauty of nature and to participate in the daily life of the center, to receive blessings of masters or just to spend a peaceful time.

More details herehttp://igg.me/at/way-to-happiness/x/803523 
What is a center of Tibetan studies?

7 thoughts on “What is a center of Tibetan studies?

  1. Wow thanks for sharing this, most of are curious to what this would be like, especially when we haven’t had the opportunity to live it ourselves. Highly intriguing.

    Also I’d like to add, thank you so much for you support with my recovery, it honestly means a lot and so for that, I’m deeply touched

    Your friend,

  2. Very interesting. thank you. And I thank you for the comment you made to the young man before this. So very kind. We all need encouragement. I hope you don’t think I am doing self-promotion, but you may like the post I just did on making homemade udon noodles. there is a video of Japanese farmer turned chef and his relationship to the food, the food he grows and the happiness he shares through his food is really nice. I hope if you get a minute, you check it out. Not so much my post but the video in the post. :-)

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